Robert Walch
Client-Side Developer

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OBJECTIVE Remain solution and goal oriented. Strive to be part of the best and most creative groups in New York City and beyond. Work on challenging projects with dedication and enthusiasm.


Adobe Director, Shockwave, Lingo, Fireworks and ImageReady
Data Driven Applications, (io stream and event driven communications, meta data parsing and manipulation)

Flash, ActionScript, Flash Communications Server, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop
OOP, MVC Design Patterns, Information Architecture
Storyboards and UML diagrams using Visio
User Interface design and programming for Mobile, Web and CD-ROM
Video, Sound, 3D, time based animation, QuickTime, Real Media, AVI
Multilingual Encoding including UTF-8, Shift-JIS and CJK standards
Microsoft Office XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Windows and Mac Platforms

J2ME, PHP and MySQL, SSH, HTML and JavaScript, CSS
Maya, 3DStudio Max
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro

Eclipse, jEdit, Flash, Director, Dreamweaver

5/2005 - Present Senior Client-Side Developer

- UI Design for J2ME phones, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile
- Translate business logic and functional requirements into elegant and usable interface designs
- Create database schemas and xml messaging specs for wireless devices and adapters
- Implement GPS mapping and tracking using JSR-179 Location API
- Optimize and implement barcode scanning and mobile printing using JSR-82 Java APIs for Bluetooth and peripheral connection protocols
- Code client-side portion of wireless applications in J2ME, C++, XML markup and Java-based scripting language
- Software unit-testing and bug-fixing

  SuperNova Productions New York, NY
5/2004 - 5/2005 Technical Lead
3/2003 - 5/2004 Multimedia Developer

- CD-ROM and Web development with Lingo and ActionScript
- Develop interactive presentation engine with Director and Flash
- Create application architecture, documentation and prototypes
- Leverage Flash technology in Director and on mobile devices
- Evaluate software and techniques for increasing productivity
- Direct multimedia production and game development
- Foster teamwork, research and education

Motion Over Time New York, NY
3/1999 - 12/2000 Lingo Programmer / Multimedia Trainer
  - Lead Programmer for Computer Based Training (CBT) CD-ROMs for Berlitz and Canon
- Programmer, Media Doctor and Support Specialist for Berlitz Online English Placement Test and Pepsi Cola CBT CD-ROM
- Certified Instructor of Macromedia's Authorized Curriculum for:
  - Macromedia Director 6-7
  - Flash 3-4
  - Dreamweaver 3
  - Fireworks 3
- Instructor and Course Developer for Strata Studio Pro 3D workshop
- Teaching environment ranges from 3-12 student classrooms to custom tailored one-on-one training

EXPERIENCE FREELANCE Macromedia MAX 2003 Salt Lake City, UT
2003 Conference Session Speaker:
'Advanced Lingo Techniques with Director MX'
  - Imaging Lingo, Flash Objects and Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Motion Over Time New York, NY
Flash Game Programmer
  - Develop holiday themed action game for marketing promotion

2002-2003 Interactive Edge New York, NY
Senior Lingo Programmer

- Create new functionality and optimize existing code for interactive presentations
- Key resource for several Sales and Marketing CD-ROM projects
- Streamline integration of code on large scale projects
- Help meet tight deadlines

2002 vanDam. New York, NY
Shockwave Developer
  - Develop prototype system for viewing interactive 3D maps
- Incorporate existing data, graphic, and 3D assets
- Optimize 3D geometry and textures for best performance and quality
- Program UI, Camera Control and all other elements of the application
- Plan development around a tight schedule and deliver on time

  ADM Productions New York, NY
Director Expert Presentation Consultant:
ABC Primetime, ABC ESPN Sports, ABC Primetime
- Build and update presentation slides and animation for broadcast
- Operate graphics station for ABC's Live Event
- Manage production flow with operators, designers and directors

Mesh Architectures New York, NY
Flash Expert Consultant
  - Troubleshoot loading of dynamic content
- Consult on the best method and execution for loading movies in a large Flash based web site

Pedestrian Public Art Project New York, NY
Shockwave3D Developer
  - Design and program Interactive Shockwave3D Demo for the web site
- Write code to control the creation and automation of multiple biped figures in a 3D scene
- Develop environment, and coordinate bipeds in the scene by creating an efficient collision detection and obstacle avoidance system

2000-2002 Global Education Network New York, NY
Shockwave Programmer
  - Create prototype upon which all GEN lectures are built
- Design and program Shockwave "Lecture Player" and system
- Synchronize Flash, QuickTime, RealVideo, Shockwave3D and subtitle text into a single dynamic multimedia application
- Technical Support and Direction for producers, designers, and asset creators for optimizing playback, bandwidth and synchronizing animations with video soundtrack
- Integrate user interface with XML database and media resources
- Develop 3D animations for Shockwave with 3DStudio Max and Lingo
- Automate process event and error tracking within player
- Create subtitle tool to aid production in performing the repetitive task of integrating transcript text documents

2001 Sams Publishing New York, NY
Tech Editor
'Real-Time Interactive 3D Games: Creating 3D Games in Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio'

by Allen Partridge
  - Check technical accuracy of chapters as they are written and revised
- Test functionality of example files and code with author's description
- Give general feedback on the content of each chapter

Wiley Publishing New York, NY
Expert Tutorial
'Flash 5 Bible'

by Robert Reinhardt, Jon Warren Lentz
  - Author Expert Tutorial 'Using .SWF files in Macromedia Director'
- Introduce the concepts or Flash cartoon characters as avatars in a Director movie
- Provide instruction and sample code that shows from Director, how to navigate a sequence of animated frames marked with labels in Flash

Viaduct New York, NY
Director Expert Consultant
  - Create Director presentation for Sony Music marketing piece, based on story boards and supplied media
- Optimize graphics, sound and video for optimal performance
- Find creative solutions for technically difficult sequences

Park Li Group New York, NY
Director Expert Consultant
  - Update Director 6 CD-ROM project to Director 8.0
- Fix bugs pertaining to document printing, CD installation and specific areas of navigation

1999 ChillTown Online New York, NY
Shockwave Game Programmer
  - Program The Puff Daddy Sucka Punch Fiesta online game
  (note: this game contains some adult language and violence)
- Synchronize in game voice, sound and character animation
- Animate promotional video piece with existing assets for ChillTown TV pitch

EDUCATION The School of Visual Arts New York, NY
9/1994- 6/1996 Major Fall 1994:Illustration Cartooning
Major Spring 1995 to Fall 1996:Computer Art
Continuing Education Spring 2000: Stop-Motion Animation


Bio Personal Web site, Producer and Lead Developer


- First Language: English
- Second Language: French (fluent conversational)


Professional References will be provided Upon Request